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Who we are

Propeller Communications was founded in 2006 by Charlie Flax to fill a gap in digital content development within the healthcare industry. What he saw was that traditional agencies lacked core digital capabilities necessary to keep up with the evolving technological field, while digital agencies functioned as production houses instead of truly partnering with their clients. We believed that a true Digital Agency could blend production and partnership, and we set out to do just that.

We create rich content blended with digital expertise and strategic vision. From the beginning, we knew that it was vital that we be seen as a Partner that helps accomplish the goals of our clients, and not just an agency that executes... [show more]

Propeller accomplishes this mission in three ways....


Anyone who has worked with Propeller has seen our passion. Our number one requirement of all employees from the top down is passion. If you don't care about what you are working on, then you don't belong on our team. You can have a passion for the content, your craft, or just the client's business, it doesn't matter. But we know that quality work doesn't exist without the passion of an associate that truly cares.


Depth of Knowledge
Knowledge of the evolving marketplace, culture, and of your products and services. We expect all of our associates regardless of their role to understand our clients' businesses. An animator needs to know more than animation and a designer should care about more than aesthetics. All members of our team treat our clients' businesses like they are their own. We make it our business to know yours.


Strategic Vision
Whether it be our strategy or one thats existing, we make sure that we are always executing with this strategic vision in mind. Traditionally there has been a divide between creative strategy agencies and digital production agencies. We believe that "production" or "execution" must always align to the strategy. If not, content is being created for content's sake and that is not productive.

We love what we do, and we love creating the highest quality digital content for our clients. Working with passion, a depth of knowledge, and a strategic vision allows us to be real partners with our clients.

Our Team