Looking back over 15 years of digital marketing, while the technology is always advancing, the objective remains timeless—to tell meaningful stories that motivate and change behavior. Whether 2006 or 2021, PROPELLER never loses sight of staying at the forefront of digital innovation, bringing the right story to the right customer at the right time. Follow all year as we compare how strategic execution has evolved with our digital expertise paving the way.


Filmmaking without limits

The 2006 Experience

Video has always been a powerful storytelling tool, able to deliver a surround-sound narrative through photography, voiceover, interviews, motion graphics, and sound effects. To capture complicated surgeries, our team has always relied on the latest technology to deliver the most impactful and accessible footage possible

But back in 2006, Video was limited in a number of ways, the primary one being that the videographer and the director needed to be on site with the talent to set up the equipment and call the shots

Heavier camera gear, tethered cables, and older video sensors sometimes required intense lights and limited the places we could shoot and the techniques we could use

The 2021 Experience

PROPELLER is breaking new ground by mailing Video Shoot-in-a-box kits to talent all over the world, making it possible to capture and create videos remotely—and meet HCPs where they are without moving an inch. Talent and interviewees with little to no filming experience are able to set up and use the equipment, while PROPELLER delivers behind-the-scenes expertise and coaching through video conferencing

With advancements in camera technology, we can shoot with the smoothest of handheld movements, high up in the sky with drones, and in full 360 degrees for an immersive VR experience

On the post-production side, we are getting more agile as cloud storage, SSD technology, and improvements in video codecs and formats have allowed us to capture and edit high-quality content whenever and wherever we need to

Non-Personal Promotion (NPP)

Reaching HCPs most effectively

The 2006 Experience

Emails are critically important to reaching HCPs, complementing other in-person communications

The main challenge is getting customers to open and read them. As people’s inboxes are inundated, they ignore countless messages, presenting a significant barrier for the brand in getting the word out

Subject lines are imagined as a one-size-fits-all, blasted out with little ability to address specific customer careabouts in one overarching objective

15 years ago, email campaigns were not as customer-centric as we would have liked; verifying and authenticating appropriate targeted audience lists were not in the picture—neither was hypertargeting

The 2021 Experience

Today, one of the most strategic ways to reach HCPs is through social media, leveraging platforms that they are already on and trust for both professional and personal reasons

There are more social channels and products than ever, with the additions of visual and video-first platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat

Experiences and messaging of social media provide a more authentic and personalized touchpoint, presenting the opportunity to humanize clinical information in a more conversational and approachable format

Leveraging platform targeting and customer data, social media allows marketers to precisely speak to intended audiences with custom messaging, synchronizing with other brand touchpoints